Hammond Gamble Celebrates the Blues Club’s 15th Birthday

NZ’s legendary bluesman and songwriter Hammond Gamble is here to party! Hammond has a new album out called Ninety Mile Days: “new originals from McCartney-esque pop songs, gentle soulful ballads, to full-blooded blues rock songs ringing with Gamble’s lead guitar”. Hammond will be playing a solo acoustic set as he recently did last April for none other than blues giant John Mayall, and then a couple of sets with the tasty house band:

Hammond Gamble – vox, guitar;
Elliotte Fuimaono – bass;
Bob Smith – keyboards;
Richard Te One – drums;

One thought on “Hammond Gamble Celebrates the Blues Club’s 15th Birthday”

  1. Hammond Gamble writes: “Many thanks Capital Blues for having me at the Bristol last night. I thought the band guys and the soundman were great! & fun too. Best wishes to you and to everyone in the club.”

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