The John O’Connor Experiment

October 20
John’s guitar style is commonly summed up as “Jeff Beck meets Robben Ford”. He’s widely admired by his peers for his original jazz-influenced sophisticated approach to the blues. Playing alongside their illustrious front man in the current incarnation of the John O’Connor Experiment are Jim Perkins – guitar; Phil Hornblow – keyboards; Gloria Hildred – bass; Gareth Mair – drums; Lee Hodson, Roni Perkins, Hannah Clink and Ivy-Lee Topia – vocals; Geoff Calderwell –trumpet

One thought on “The John O’Connor Experiment”

  1. I hadn’t heard John O’Connor before and I really enjoyed his guitar style as well as his work with the other guitar player- the way they just bounced off each other’s riffs and chased each other around the melody. brilliant stuff. I also appreciated the laid back and VERY tasty drums and bass. wow what a combinati0n. and not to leave out the keyboards guy – he was a real revelation, especially when he got into the sound mix later in the set.
    well done!

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