Last December the fabulous Brilleaux rocked the Bristol off its socks! From Tauranga, Brilleaux take their lead from English R&B bands such as Dr Feelgood and Nine Below Zero. So expect some up-tempo, hard drivin’ dance music from

Graham Clark – vox/ harp/guitar/theremin;
Brian Franks – bass;
Bruce Roland – guitar;
Ian Gilpin – drums

Jam Night

Jam Night is the last Thursday of each month ~ no one can predict what’ll happen on stage! It’s a great opportunity for those wanting to perform with a professional house band, so bring an instrument and see the MC for a spot.

Guitar amps kindly supplied by Peter Matich.

Kayte Edwards & The Green Parrots (NZ)

Raise a toast to the welcome return of Kayte Edwards, a long-serving blues club member and ex-president. Kayte leads Paekakariki based band The Green Parrots. She is accompanied by:

Gilbert Haisman – keys,
Aden Mackay – guitar
Elliotte Fuimaono – bass
Jack Cromie – drums.

Kayte is a singer-songwriter best-known for her blues-based band Kayte and the Barflies and her album Emergenc-ee. The band will perform songs from blues and country singers like Louis Jordan, Tom Waits, Hank Williams, Billie Holliday, Memphis Minnie, plus Kayte’s originals.

Tom Rodwell (UK)

Tom delivers swampy versions of the blues and promises “bizarrely entertaining, intense, dance-floor-friendly shows”. How can one resist?

From the UK, but often performing Down-under, Tom’s musical reference points include slave-era spirituals, Alan Lomax field recordings, calypso music, and all varieties of mean blues. Yeah.

Tom’s intention is “to do justice to this music and communicate the range of emotions and integrity it carries. The feeling is the only real content.” Bring it on.

Don Burnham (USA) & the Fern Frond Boogie Boys

From West Coast USA, guitarist and vocalist Don Burnham is the bandleader of LOST WEEKEND, internationally recognized as one of the leading contemporary Western Swing bands.

In 2005, Don was inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame.

Along with his kiwi wife Sarah Dee (Duckworth), who was treasurer of Capital Blues Inc for many years, Don is touring New Zealand with his album I Dreamed Count Basie was a Cowboy, which features a good kiwi song called “Fern Frond Boogie”.

Opening for Don is local bluesman Dave Murphy.

Don Burnham – guitar/vox:
Sarah Dee – vox:
Simon Burgess – bass;
Richard Klein – fiddle.

Jam Night

It may be the last night of the month but it may also be one of the most intriguing gigs of the month – cos absolutely no-one will have a clue what’s going to happen on stage!! Spontaneity rules – OK!!!

Guitar amps kindly supplied by Peter Matich.

Red Dog Saloon Band

There may have been some jazzy grooves in the air for the last 2 weeks but it’ll be a full- on night of swampy blues tonight with the Red Dogs. As ever, they’ll be featuring the fingerstyle pickin’ of D. Murphy Esq and the overdrive-laden guitar tones of Mr Speir.

Dougal Speir – guitar/vox;
Dave Murphy – guitar/vox;
Elliotte Fuimaono – bass;
Roger Watkins – drums

Wellington Heads

Must be something in the air this month but there’s a distinctly jazzy feel to this gig as well with the welcome return of the Heads to the Bristol’s stage. As well as some of their old favourites, the Heads will be giving you a preview of some new material that they’ve been working on recently.

Neil Worboys – vox, guitar, harmonica;
Bill Wood – guitar;
Geoff Keith – upright bass;
Richard Te One – drums;
Nick van Dijk – trumpet/ trombone;
James Tait-Jamieson – sax

Manalishi: The Blues of Fleetwood Mac

Having played to several very receptive audiences recently, including a crowd of around 600 at the Marchwood Blues Picnic in Tauranga, Manalishi return to the Bristol to showcase the blues of Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac.

Del Thomas – guitar/vox;
John Barrett – guitar;
Sean Dolan – bass;
James Shanks – drums

Jam Night

It’s getting colder outside at this time of year and we haven’t had one for a while so this month’s jam night is going to be full of heart-warming acoustic music for you. So, all you musos, dust off your acoustic instruments of all shapes, sizes and denominations and bring some of the heat of the Mississippi Delta to Cuba Street.

Amps supplied by the Music Warehouse