Dave Feehan band featuring opening band Lamb Hunters

To start the year off with a Big Glorious Sound, Dave Feehan leads his band through favourite soul, blues and rock numbers. His duet with the divine Ms Lamb will be a knockout, and his tribute to Etta James- may she rest peacefully in music heaven- is from the heart.

David Feehan– Vocals; Emma Davey– Vocals; Corinne
– Vocals; Nichola King– Vocals; Sean Feehan– Vocals and Percussion; Lauren Ellis– Drums; Paul Mouncey– Bass; Andy Mauafua– Guitar; Phil Hornblow– Keyboards; Chris Fox
Trombone; Chris Selley– Trumpet; Andre Paris– Saxophones; Guest artists are the two Fionas (Bee and Buchet)