Kelburn Viaduct Municipal Ensemble Jug Band

Kelburn Viaduct Municipal Ensemble Jug Band

The members of this energetic and fun band share a passion for jug band music and recognise its unique place in music history, both at the dawn of jazz and blues, and in the 1950s and 60s resurgence of jug bands and skiffle groups.

Their style encompasses rural blues, good time music, a mix of originals and folk blues. Their handmade instruments include tea chest bass, lagerfone, washboard, and stomp box,  which gives them an authentic sound.

Kelburn ViaductPip Payne – washboard, lagerfone, guitar, vocals, kazoo;

Neil Worboys – banjo, mandolin, kazoo, vocals, jug;

Maurice Priestley – guitar, mandolin, kazoo, vocals, whistles and bells;

Steve Carlyle – washboard, tea chest bass, vocals.

Bill Wood – tea chest bass, dobro